Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Amazing! An Elephant Prostrates for Nigerian Soldiers as A Sign of Respect

Elephant pays homage to Nigerian soldiers

Nigerian soldiers no doubt need to be appreciated for the immense effort and work they put into their jobs. They go through a lot while protecting this nation.  Now this statement would generate lots of argument as most people believe that is their line of duty. Some go to the extreme when they say they are being paid heavily to die.

This is a very bad mindset; there are thousands of people out there who get paid heavily for jobs that are not as serious as that of the soldiers. Nigerian soldiers should be appreciated from time to time; they are the people you would find at the war front. Let us remember that as patriotic as they are, they have families who look up to them too. Nigerian soldiers have been under the spotlight for a while now as a result of the insurgents they are fighting against. They spend more time searching through the bushes in order to trap the now famous Boko Haram group. They rescue some kidnapped people too while fighting for their home country.

However, something remarkable happened while some Nigerian soldiers were on duty. They had spent a considerable amount of time at the Nigerian-Cameroon border where they had been fighting this terrorist group. A giant elephant recognized the Nigerian soldiers and prostrated for them while they were playing with it. This cheered the soldiers who felt appreciated. The elephant bowed down for the soldiers to the surprise of the people who were there.

In this part of the world, prostrating is a sign of respect as the younger ones do it when they want to pay homage to the older people in the society. It is intriguing that this elephant could relate with the Nigerian soldiers; it even went on to prostrate while they were playing with it.

There could be so many reasons for this; however, the most logical reason could be as a result of the time they spend in thick bushes and forests. Feel free to think of your own reason. We hope Nigerians would appreciate the soldiers more and make them feel loved.

What do u think? Let here your thought.

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