Friday, 19 August 2016

LOL: LAUGHING OUT LOUDLY- MY Toilet Chat with a Cockroach

Seriously laughing out loudly (LOL) but you will get to know why after reading my toilet chat with a cockroach.

So I came to the toilet, to have my usual Bonjour dump.

Well that’s what I call it when it’s the early morning type.

Just as I was smiling and having a good toilet time, here was this slender fulani Cockroach staring at me on the opposite wall.

Can’t I just have some time?
What does this cockroach want?

So the dialogue started.

Me: “Hey Mr Cockroach this is my private place, LEAVE!
It’s for only me, me, and me alone”, I said.


“Hey you stupid cockroach I said go away”, I repeated angrily-shhhhhhh

Cr: You crazy homosapien! (Eeh!)
Can’t you see I am having my yoga time, do your crap and get the heck out of my private property.

By the way your crap smells pretty bad, wonder what you humans feed on. (Ahha ah. Insult)

Me: -Hahaha did you just say yoga?
A cockroach like you having yoga?
Cr: -You know what! Screw you Mayo!

Me: -so you even know me?

Cr: -Why won’t I, you come here to poop and take selfies everyday.

(Now I am really pissed, picks shoe to hit the cockroach out of anger*)

Cr: -Hey wait, like seriously you gonna hit me with that?

Me: You just watch and see.

Cr: ok ok ok before you kill me can I ask for a favour?

Me: what? last prayer?

Cr: oh common! cockroaches don’t go to heaven. Just take me a selfie, Ok? pleassseee with you.

Me: hmmm ok.

(picks phone to take selfie with the cockroach*)

Cr: -Hisses* your phone ain’t even the iphone 6 or Six plus, take your filthy android away from me.

(smashes cockroach right on his head)

*End of story*


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