Friday, 9 December 2016

Top Timeless Wardrobe Rules For Men

Keeping up with fashion trends can be quite a daunting task, especially with the ever evolving trends rocking the fashion world like a tidal wave on a fishing boat. However, amidst these constant flux the big question is “Can you keep your closet timeless?”

While no one claim a hold on the ultimate elixir of fashion, here are some rules for a timeless wardrobe.

Less is more: Intricate embroidery on traditional and complex detailing on shirts can be striking at first sight. After repeated use however, they start to become imposing making their very strength their biggest weakness. Understated designs on fine fabrics the other hand comes with a calm and appealing effect and can be worn again and again without looking too out of place. This rule also holds true for colours too.

Collared pieces are timeless: In and out of season, collared shirts, polos and tunics have stood the test of time. Be it because of the work culture of the world we live in or some other unknown reasons, a decent polo or casual shirt will pull its weight whenever it is worn.

New is the old recycled: Gone are the days of baggy jeans. We are back to where it all began – fitted clothing – albeit with some variations. The point is, trending styles today are mostly yesterday’s wears with a little tweak so keep that in mind when next you decide to fling that old sweatshirt just because it doesn’t look so cool anymore. Your kids might ask for them.

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