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Friday, 9 December 2016

[ Ìyá kekére ] Part 2

...They had been shouting my name , throwing stones at my
window but I did not wake. They probably gave up on me but not until when my petty trader friend came and heard I was in the burning house , I was told she went crazy, she shouted Oreeemi ooo [exclamation ], and insisted that she must come fetch me. How she went through raging fire I don’t know but she saved my life that day. My supposed friend that asked if I was truly iya kekere’s close friend was outside when iya kekere’ s made efforts to rescue me.  After I gained full consciousness and I had known what was happening, I looked at Iya kekere, she was crying and she came to hug me so tight. my eyes were gushing out water like a running tap. She uttered "oremi"! my friend i almost collapsed by hearing that. i intensified the hug, i could only say eehn mondayin lohun [yes, i'm answering you];she further said adupe emi, olohun koni gba e lowo awon obi e [thank God for your life , may death not snatch you from your parents]. I could not utter a word anymore . I was just crying. Everyone else thought

I was crying because of belongings or so . But I was crying because i once told my great friend not to call me her close friend again.  My dad soon came, running to my house barefooted from where he parked his car . He took me away in his car . I told him what had happened and how I was rescued , he immediately turned back to meet her , but we were told she had left as it was raining anyway. We returned there the next morning but iya kekere never turned up anymore . Information I heard was when she came to rescue me, she left her goods behind and some thugs stole them all . My family made frantic effort to locate her but to no avail . This is about 15 years now. My heart is full of apologies , she was ready to sacrifice her life for me. It wasn ’ t that others didn’ t like me, it ’s just that iya kekere’ s love for me was at another level. My pastor said I would still meet her which I am happy about. Iya kekere is my own close friend wherever she is . I LOVE YOU IYA KEKERE AND YOU ARE MY BEST FRIEND Please do not disregard people who show you genuine love, a friend in need is a friend indeed. I live to regret the day I asked her not to call me her close friend anymore.
May we not drive away our helpers Amen

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