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Saturday, 15 July 2017

Na There I Go Die! Efe Replies Ycee, Others On His Musical Prospect

Reality Show winner, Efe Ejeba, has replied to discouraging comments about his chances of having a successful musical career. Rapper, Ycee, had advised Efe not to invest all his money into music, adding that investment in music doesn’t start yielding profits immediately.

Ycee said, “All I want to say to him is don’t put all your money in music. It’s not a venture that yields returns asap. All the people that you see making it today, they started out from time it’s not as if you start today and tomorrow you’re a star. It’s a long process.”

Reacting to Ycee’s comment, Efe thanked the talented rapper for not asking him to abandon music altogether like a lot of people have been doing.
“Shout out to Ycee at least bad as e bad he still gree say ok Efe do music but no put all your moni. He still better than those wey say make I no do music.

“First things first I’ve been doing music for seven years. Before Big Brother I was doing music. That’s what brought me to Lagos in 2015. As I dey here I still dey do music and I go still dey do music, and I go still dey do music… As I dey repeat am so, I dey talk am for those wey e go pain make he wound them.

“Shout out to Ycee, what I’m saying in essence is if they watch me for the house dey go know say my kidney done pass as dem talk but shout out for the advice, I appreciate bro and I no go put all my moni for music but na there I go die,” Efe told Planet TV.

Efe is currently putting a lot of energy in promoting his latest single, ‘Somebody’. The single along with the visuals are getting good airplay at the moment.