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Saturday, 15 July 2017

Cornrow Hairstyles You Need To Try Out (Photos)

Cornrows are ancient traditional African hairstyle that has have been in existence for decades now, cornrows are when the hair is braided closely to the scalp, using an underhand, upward motion to produce a continuous, raised row, it is a tight braid that is kept close to the scalp using an underhand and upward motion and the process of the continuous underhand and upward motion eventually produces a series of continuous, straight rows. It can also form other designs that are more complicated; it can also be used to make different curvy patterns. Whichever pattern you choose to make with it never fails to look lovely and set the facial features of the wearer in place.
With fashion and style advancing every day, cornrows has also advanced with stylists using different curvy patterns showing the creativities of a hair stylist. Cornrows are easy to carry unlike normal hair extensions nd attachments and it can easily be maintained, all you need to do just to apply some oil to the scalp and hair occasionally so they don’t dry out.

This season, simplicity is the new chic so you can rock any of the elegant styles, I’m sure you will be glad you did. Here are some cute cornrow styles you can rock.

Guys: 7 Tips To Dramatically Improve Your Style

Are you struggling with how to improve your style?you want to improve your style but don’t know how to start?well, today’s is for men who want to improve their styles with little or no effort. More men are beginning to realise how a good sense of fashion is an asset in every aspect of their lives because in this world looking your best keeps you one step ahead.
Below are 7 areas which are the fastest way to improve style dramatically.

Forget everything you think you know about fashion: “One of the hardest things anyone will ever have to accept was that their fashion knowledge was nonexistent, you should accept that you may not know as much as you think and think of yourself as a complete beginner, so you don’t gloss over anything that could help you see the light otherwise, you’ll likely skip important lessons so assume you know nothing, and you’ll be open to learn everything”.
Focus on the basics: “So now that you’ve forgotten everything you knew, what do you think you should focus on first?the basics, of course, mastering the basics alone will benefit you greatly too many men shoot themselves in the foot by getting the basics wrong”.

Build a solid wardrobe foundation: “Rebuilding your wardrobe starts with a solid foundation, you need to collect versatile wardrobe staples that match well with almost anything — basic items like white shirts, dark blue jeans etc because items like these will serve as training wheels while you learn to get the basics right and they’ll also keep you safe from making mistakes when you don’t know how to match clothes yet and after you’ve built your foundation, you can add more eye-catching clothes to your wardrobe, and you’ll always have items in your wardrobe to wear them with”.

Keep it simple: “You have to remember that you’re a man, and being extravagant isn’t necessary, you don’t need a lot of bells and whistles to look great so you can just keep everything simple”. “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, keep this in mind when you’re putting your outfit together, stop over-complicating things”.

Fit comes first: “This is the golden rule; getting the fit right is your priority always but unfortunately, most guys get this wrong, and getting this wrong sabotages anything else you try, te real stylish men are the ones who can take generic looking clothing and make sure all the details are right”.

Layer up: “Knowing how to layer clothes will give you ultimate use out of everything in your closet and it will help you create more interesting outfits, layering lets you play around with the clothes you have, so you should learn how to do it properly”.

Make sure the fit is flattering: “Your clothing should attractively fit your body shape – whatever shape that may be – and look like they’ve been handmade for you, not having the proper fit is one of most common mistakes that men make when dressing, always wear clothes that fit like a glove, but don’t wear anything too tight it just doesn’t look good on a man”.

Thursday, 29 December 2016

3 Snacks To Help You Lose Weight

Keeping fit is a goal that we must always adhere to; there is no waiting period, no pauses, fitness is a lifestyle and the sooner you understand this, the better for your body. One of the first rules of keeping fit is watching what goes into your mouth.

Every fit fam knows the importance of staying clear of the meals or snacks that add too much calories into your system however there are some snacks that are healthy sources of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates is what your body needs to produce energy and to keep you moving so its not a mineral that you can write off.

Here are 3 snacks that you thought were not healthy enough for you;

Bananas are a high source of carbohydrates, fat and are almost always too sugary but its only too much if you go with the one’s that are overly ripe. The green bananas however are not a problem.

Cereals is a quick snack that we fall back on when there is absolutely nothing to eat or we have to munch down something before we head out. Some cereals contain too much of everything but the whole grain cereals are not bad for you.

Popcorn is a crowd favorite, the yummy and tasty snack doesn’t intrude on your weight loss goals, asides from the fact that it is rich in fibre, a cup of pop corn contains just 30 calories therefore you can have four cups without affecting your weight loss goals.

How To Spot An Ajebutter Kid Who Just Came Back From Abroad (Aka IJGB Kids)

As we all know Christmas is the season of love, the season of food, and the period where all the ajebutter kids living abroad come home to visit the family. They are popularly known as IJGB meaning ‘I just got Back’. There’s a difference between the average ajebutter Nigerian kid and the IJGB kid, while we ajebutter kids have a polished Nigerian accent with an impeccable diction(lol, notice how I just hyped myself there and claimed to be an ajebo) the IJGB kids have British or American accents and they behave quite different from the random ajebutter Nigerian kids.

Here are some tell tale signs of the IJGB kids.
– The guys have pink lips and relaxed hair.
– The guys have tattoos.
– The guys haven’t shaved their beards since they left Nigeria.
-The ladies have piercings on their belly button.
-The ladies don’t like bra.
– The IJGBs Vloggers go on Youtube to upload one irrelevant video with captions like, “Christmas in Nigeria: The Mbiase tag” or “Home coming: Bae, me and Arochukwu.”

-The ladies are tall. You know living in Nigeria with all its sufferings has a way of making one stunted.
-They start 50% of their sentences with, “In America”, “Back in the States,”
-They swear a lot whenever they drive

-When a foreign song that has the word ‘bitch daddy yo’ is on airplay, they raise their hands up in one accord.

-They give sellers the impression the prices of stuff are reasonably cheap and make stuff hard for we here just because their $1= N490
- Natural hair and locs are their signature hairstyle.
- They wear socks even when they are on traditional wear.

-They wear sneakers with literally everything.

-They walk around in cliques as though they are from one ethnic group.

-They walk around with an empty bottled water

– They talk a lot! They never waste an opportunity to talk so they can keep speaking the accent before they lose it.

– They shout whenever they are phone so everyone within 2km can hear the accent and know they just got back.
They are back indeed. Welcome IJGBs.

PS: IJGB applies to only kids who are returning from USA, UK.. and maybe France.. if you’re returning from one random country like Malaysia, Ghana or Ukraine abeeg don’t claim IJGB.

Friday, 9 December 2016

6 Symptoms Of Stomach Ulcer You Should Never Ignore

Stomach ulcers are painful sores that can be found in the stomach lining or small intestine. Stomach ulcers are the most visible sign of peptic ulcer disease. They occur when the thick layer of mucus that protects your stomach from digestive juices is reduced, thus enabling the digestive acids to eat away at the lining tissues of the stomach.
Stomach ulcers are easily cured, but they can become severe without proper treatment. A number of symptoms are associated with stomach ulcers. The severity of the symptoms depends on the severity of the ulcer.

Heartburn: Heartburns are pointers for stomach ulcers. A burning sensation in the chest can happen due to intake of spicy foods but if it persists and over the counter drugs don’t provide relief, see a doctor.

Hiccups and Burps: When hiccups and burps are persistent after eating or taking water or just ‘naturally’ (which isn’t) then it’s time to see a doctor for proper examination.

Stomach pain: Persistent stomach pain/sharp or dagger-like pain in the stomach may form early pointers to stomach ulcers and this should be taken care off as soon as possible.
Bloating: Bloating or feeling heavy even when not necessarily filled up with food is another sign that could indicate stomach ulcer

Indigestion: Indigestion is another common sign that indicates stomach ulcer. If after eating anything and there’s a persistent feeling of discomfort or feeling of indigestion, see a doctor.

Nausea: A constant nauseous feeling especially after eating is something to be addressed by seeing a physician.

See your doctor if you have the severe signs or symptoms listed above. Also see your doctor if over-the-counter antacids and acid blockers relieve your pain but the pain returns.

Top Timeless Wardrobe Rules For Men

Keeping up with fashion trends can be quite a daunting task, especially with the ever evolving trends rocking the fashion world like a tidal wave on a fishing boat. However, amidst these constant flux the big question is “Can you keep your closet timeless?”

While no one claim a hold on the ultimate elixir of fashion, here are some rules for a timeless wardrobe.

Less is more: Intricate embroidery on traditional and complex detailing on shirts can be striking at first sight. After repeated use however, they start to become imposing making their very strength their biggest weakness. Understated designs on fine fabrics the other hand comes with a calm and appealing effect and can be worn again and again without looking too out of place. This rule also holds true for colours too.

Collared pieces are timeless: In and out of season, collared shirts, polos and tunics have stood the test of time. Be it because of the work culture of the world we live in or some other unknown reasons, a decent polo or casual shirt will pull its weight whenever it is worn.

New is the old recycled: Gone are the days of baggy jeans. We are back to where it all began – fitted clothing – albeit with some variations. The point is, trending styles today are mostly yesterday’s wears with a little tweak so keep that in mind when next you decide to fling that old sweatshirt just because it doesn’t look so cool anymore. Your kids might ask for them.

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Friday, 19 August 2016

How To Make Banana Milkshake

Banana Milkshake is a very delicious and somewhat fancy dessert drink. It’s basically my go-to drink when guests come over and insist i make them a classy dessert. It’s very quick to make and all the ingredients cost less than 1k and you can make 3-5 cups of it.