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Friday, 9 December 2016

[ Ìyá kekére ] Part 1

There was this petty trader at Orile Agege whom we called “Iya Kekere ” because of her height . I believe she was an ajase woman. She sold sweet and stuff like that on our street, she would not stop calling me oremi timo timo or oremi atata [my very good friend ] with glowing enthusiasm , at first I liked it and I would stop to buy unnecessary things from her.

It goes on for many months until one day, a supposed friend of mine made a joke out of it that “you’ re a close friend of this woman? [laughingly]” I didn’ t say anything but started to feel uncomfortable towards iya kekere. it started to become an embarrassment whenever she called me so , I started to think how should I be a close friend to her really?

Firstly , I was avoiding her by taking another route because I usually would pass through her every morning when I was going to uni. After a certain period , I couldn’ t bear the stress of the route anymore , I thought I would have to tell her to stop calling me her close friend that I just do not like it and that everything else was fine.

The next morning , I made my way towards her , as she saw me, she actually screamed because she had not seen me for awhile, she shouted oreeemi ooo , I was so upset , I angrily instructed her never to call me so again in her life . She was shocked and was not sure if I was in the right mood . I further told her she’s been disgracing me for awhile and that she should just call me Bukky and that I couldn’t possibly be her close friend.

I could see the shock on her face but I really  didn’t care as I left. 3 days later. I was asleep, I heard a very loud noise on my door and I woke up. It was iya kekere shouting “ina ina ina”[fire ! fire !!] I didn’t know what was happening she just dragged me out of the building through the back door. It was hell of a smoke and I didn’ t gain my consciousness properly as she dragged me hurriedly out.

When we got outside , a massive crowd was waiting for us , everyone rushed to me and said our house was on fire and that the stairs and corridor were not accessible and they knew I was in my room be continued Click Here for  Part 1

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