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Sunday, 21 August 2016

A heart Breaking Short Story of a Couple

A heart breaking short story of a couple
A short story of a couple: story narrated after their wedding and it was heart breaking. Read

On my wedding day, I carried my wife in my arms. The bridal car stopped in front of our one-room flat. My buddies insisted that I carry her out of the car in my arms. So I carried her into our home. She was then plump and shy. I was a strong and happy bridegroom. This was the scene ten years ago.

The following days were as simple as a cup of pure water: we had a kid; I went into business and tried to make more money.

Indian man who dumped his wife and eloped with his mother-in-law says he made a mistake and now wants a divorce

A 22-year-old Indian man named Suraj Mahto who left his wife, Lalita for his 42-year-old mother-in-law, Asha Devi is now seeking a divorce after realising he made a huge mistake.

It all began when Mrs Devi went to stay with her daughter and her son-in-law in Bahir, she took on the role of caregiver when Mahto fell ill and the two hit it off from there. When she returned to her house, they still kept in touch, he would call her and they would talk for hours on the phone, he also visited her at her home.

John Kerry’s Visit: Beyond The Cover Story By Reuben Abati

Read his article below...
Essential elements of intelligence and the intelligence cycle in overseas relations include what is better described as “the cover story”. It is an old conundrum referring to the story that is put out to the public and sustained as a narrative to mask far more strategic interests in government-to- government relations. 

Friday, 19 August 2016

LOL: LAUGHING OUT LOUDLY- MY Toilet Chat with a Cockroach

Seriously laughing out loudly (LOL) but you will get to know why after reading my toilet chat with a cockroach.

So I came to the toilet, to have my usual Bonjour dump.

Well that’s what I call it when it’s the early morning type.

Just as I was smiling and having a good toilet time, here was this slender fulani Cockroach staring at me on the opposite wall.

Can’t I just have some time?
What does this cockroach want?

So the dialogue started.

Me: “Hey Mr Cockroach this is my private place, LEAVE!
It’s for only me, me, and me alone”, I said.